Our supreme discipline

Price: 60 € / Partner: 25 € + Ticket
Length: 78 km
8 hrs
Elevation gain: 1.700 m
Elevation descent: 2.400 m
Start: 8.30 h Liftstation Welschnofen/Nova Levante

This ride is only for really fit riders or e-bikers with plenty of charge in their batteries! To begin with, we take the cable car from Welschnofen to Frommer Alp, where we set off along one of the countless trails to Tiers. We then continue via some lovely stretches and short climbs to Völs and Seis, then take the cable car as far as Seiser Alp and on to the Duron Pass. Next, there is a long descent through the wild Duron Valley to Campitello. From there we follow the cycle track on to Vigo di Fassa to the last ascent to Carezza. Once in Carezza we look for a suitable trail back to Welschnofen.